The Purpose – Minmalism Adventuring

The reason we started this blog is the reason anyone starts or creates anything in the adventuring world… We couldn’t find a place to find the gear we wanted to look at. We want high quality, lightweight, economical trekking, hiking, and adventuring gear that we don’t find anywhere in a store or on a website. If you can’t find it.. MAKE IT!  


The purpose is like the point and the point is to do what you want! We want to write about gear, test gear, save you time and money by telling what gear to go with (if you can afford it) and how to make it if you can’t.

One thing should be absolutely CLEAR – There is no substitution for doing, you can pick up a book, read a blog and that’s a good start but go out. Test out your gear, write a review for everyone on this website and be your own judge. We will enjoy learning from your experiences as much as we hope you gain from ours.

So when in doubt, wondering on a thursday night what to do this weekend, plan a trip. Take work off Monday, Load up a kayak, some water, (possibly a cooler of wayyyy too much beer, if there is such a thing) set out after your buddy gets off work on Saturday night on an experience you will never forget. The real adventure won’t begin until everything goes wrong! Now that’s an adventure otherwise it was just a rough camping trip 😀


Leave us a Comment or Suggestion! We appreciate all feedback

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