Day One – Let There Be a $5 Light

How to begin the first product review of our blog… how about a $5 LED Tactical Flashlight? Okay, we haven’t tested in the field yet but around the house, in the sink and the backyard this could be the beginning of something great.

The Defiant Compact Tactical Flashlight features premium grade LED technology, and is constructed of reinforced nylon for exceptional strength and durability. This light has been drop tested for distances up to 9 ft. The flashlight also includes a AA heavy duty battery. “Home Depot” Advertisement

So the reason we picked this up? Well “hurricane” Isaac was supposed to hit South Florida and being that the power lines leading into the building look more like spaghetti than modern electrical work, better safe than sorry. Also a small storm or everyday rain can cause interruptions and CNN told me we should be over prepared. So I went to the local Home Depot for some poly, caulk for the threshold, MORE duct tape (never can have enough) and ended up with a $5 special flash light.
To be honest what caught my eye more than anything was the brand “DEFIANT” because lets face it… Defiance is the true foundation of Liberty… looked decent and on our most recent adventure I only had 2 lights, a mini Maglite and my headlamp, figured why not I could use one more for my day pack and my glove compartment. Enough with BS…


Pros: Its Bright! I am always amazed at how bright a single LED is. It is also waterproof at least to a depth of 12″ in my sink while on, which is a big plus for the price. It weighs in at 4 oz and I did test the drop from the 8 ft. ceilings onto concrete and still working.
This being the minimalist gear, although not necessary for your survival, the battery could be used to start a fire in wet conditions, the light works great even under water, and is anyone’s price range with an $8 MSRP. We give this light a “B” with more testing to occur 10′ of water and battery life test with 3 different battery brands.
Cons: Focal Length – The one LED disperses quickly past 20′ with no focusing (remember the price $)
Recommendation:      BUY        (if you can afford it and see it on “Hurricane” sale)

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