Lightweight Weekend Hike Gear List – Minimalistic Trek to Clubhouse Beach

We just finished talking about a gear list for the bare minimum of what we need to take on a trip to Clubhouse Beach, hiking in the wet for probably the last 2 to 3 miles. I was going to post this list in our adventuring Facebook group but decided I would post it here first, then copy paste to the group. So this is the quick and dirty of a one night, in and out hiking trip to Clubhouse Beach in Everglades National Park.

All of the Gear I will bring, (minus the 40 oz water bottle I have at work) and Machete

In the Packs

  • 1 – First Aid Kit – Pack 1
  • 1 – 30′ of Gorilla Tape – Pack 2
  • 1 – Kelty Salida – Split between packs
  • 2 – 3L H2O Camelback Pouches – Split between packs – Hydrate well before going and slam Gatorade before
  • 1 – Alcohol Stove & 5 oz of Fuel – Split between Packs
  • 4 – Lighters
  • 1 – Fire Piston – Not Neccesary but keeps us entertained
  • 1 – Altoid Tin of Char Cloth
  • 10 – Homemade Energy Bars – Split between Packs
  • 1 – Pack of Charizo’s – Pack 2 – Worth the weight to have for dinner
  • 2 – Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bags – Probably dont need and won’t use so we will see if they get left in the truck
  • 1 – Multitool – Pack 1
  • 40 LF of Paracord – Pack 2 – Keeps us entertained
  • 1/2 Lb – of dried fruits and nuts – Split Between Packs
  • 1 – Milkway Candy Bar – I LOVE CANDY!!! WILL EAT BEFORE I GO 🙂
  • 2 – Spare Flashlights – Split Between Packs
  • 6 – Spare AAA Batteries for the headlamps… or we could just change the batteries before we leave
  • 1 – handful of Spyder Wire Monofiliment fishing line for the DIY handline – Shark Style (2 big hooks and two large weights)
  • 1 – Extra Swim Shorts, Boxers, and socks – Each
  • 1 – Pair of Water Shoes Each – Strapped to pack
  • Gator Machete with Saw & Parang (If we DIY the Parang before the trip)
  • Car Keys
  • 3 – Cans of DEET (Bug Spray)
  • 1 – Cell Phone & Camera
  • Food – 10 Homemade Energy Bars, 4 Cold Cut Sandwiches, 1/2 Lb Gorp (Dried Fruits, Nuts, Kool-aid, fruit snacks mixed together)
  • 6 Beers – Not so Minimalistic but great for moral at the end of any adventures to celebrate, Probably will drink (not that we would ever do such a thing) on the road once we enter the park
  • Baseball Hat – I LOVE MY HAT! almost as much as I love candy
  • Instant Coffee & Stainless Bottle with water to cook on fire in the morning
  • One Set of Camp Utensils


  • Thick Pants to roll up during Water World
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Undershirt, Lightweight Longsleeve
  • Bandana/Buff
  • Boonie Hats
  • Mosquito Mesh Face Nets
  • Head Lamps – Start the hike at 4 AM we will need lights
  • K Bar & Seal Pup Knives
  • Polarized Sunglasses


  • Sunscreen, Lip Balm,

So now to minimalize and decide what can be left back… Alcohol Stove & Fuel, Fire Piston, Fishing line, hooks, weights, Chorizos & Beer. With this minimal weight I will probably include them, you know why? Because I can!

Extras – More Water, I sweat like a beast and love water, plus as you drink and wet your headband, the weight lessens. I will probably bring one or two 1 liter Aquafina bottles, I may just throw in my Kleen Canteen 40 oz stainless bottle, I hate plastic bottle because of their impact on the environment.

First Aid Kit Contents – Moleskin, Guaze Pads, Tape, First Aid Bandage, Eyewash, Snake Bit Kit, Tweezers, Band-aids, Hook Needle and sterile thread, alcohol wipes, baby powder, benedryll cream, sudafed and advil.

This ends the list. Please let us know what you think can be left behind and what should be added. We will update with pictures and a list of what ended up unused at the end of the trip after we get back. Thanks for visiting and Follow us, we will follow you!


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