DIY Jet Stove

An Interesting project which will get your creative intuition going is to create a DIY Jet Stove from 2 cans, a pin (or small drill bit), a razor blade and your hands

This is the second model we made, I will eventually show you step by step how we made our but this can be found on YouTube and many other sites around the web. This is where we learned and this stove boils a large tin can full of water in 5 to 6 min and will burn up to a half hour if filled completely full. Our first stove was a little smaller and actually better suited for boiling water and did not require as much alcohol (Acetone).
This is an awesome example and looks to be welded. Learn the process at
This guide uses a few more tools than ours but has similar results. This is a great project and will be totally satisfying when you are cooking on it in the wild. I still prefer to cook on a wood fire and only bring this and some acetone for back-up if the weather gets wet and we need to cook in the tent.
  1. Draw a line about 1″ from the bottom of both aluminum soda or beer cans, around the can and very straight with a marker or score it with the razor
  2. Score the line with the razor blade and continue to score the same line around both cans to weaken the aluminum, if your blade is sharp it will go through the can after a few scores and you will have 2 bottoms
  3. Mark out 8 evenly spaced holes on the ridge as shown above using the pin or needle, the more holes the quicker you will burn the gas
  4. In the very middle of the bottom of the same can poke 3 holes, use a penny and press it a little in the bottom to create an outline to poke the 3 holes inside. This will be used to fill the stove with alcohol or acetone, and with a penny on top provides a pressure release
  5. The last step is to press on can into the other without splitting either, I split 2 before I got my first one to work. They will fit together super tight and this will create the seal necessary to build pressure and create the jet action.


To operate you must fill with about 1 oz or fill the stove completely by pouring acetone slowly into the 3 holes. Then you need to heat the stove from beneath with acetone, a tea candle, this will boil the alcohol, once boiling the stove is ready to light and when it does it will be jetting and a perfect light weight hiking tool that cost 1 cent! well and 2 Heineken which I was going to enjoy anyway (actually i pulled the cans from the recycling, they were already enjoyed) I had an exacto craft knife, and a map pin or push pin.
Make one, use it, Enjoy it but do not rely on it. Rely on making a fire and keeping it lit the entire time you are at camp. The next fire device we want to DIY is the bow drill kit, and then a fire piston. I recently bought the other half of this site, my buddy Adrian, a fire piston for his birthday. After experimenting with natural fiber tinder from sable palm trees and mastering the device we were able to get fire a few hours later (we also had been drinking all evening and it was 3 AM so that may have had something to do with the timeline). After using it a few days and creating our own charcloth, we can make flame in under 5 min. This is a great tool if you know how to use it and practice. Check out the wiki on this
Wilderness Solutions Diamond Wood V2 Fire Piston

Thanks for visiting and if you have any suggestions or comments let us know!


4 responses to “DIY Jet Stove

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog… Thought I’d check yours out and had to laugh when this post popped up first. I constructed a penny stove very similar to this from an instructable and nearly caught a porch on fire…I think there wasn’t enough fuel in it and just the fumes lit sending the penny skyward, also I didn’t know the part about heating the acetone from below first. I was planning on trying again since my husband and I backpack as light as we can. Thank you for the detail on getting the little bugger lit 🙂

    • Haha, yeah the penny should rock a little when functioning properly. I would guess the issue was lighting it without getting the acetone or alcohol boiling first. If the gas lights and comes to a rapid boil while lit there is probably a flash of fuel turning to vapor and the pressure sky rocketed and so did the penny. Let me know how your next attempt goes. I would love to see pictures!

    • Thanks for visiting our blog! As dangerous as this seems I haven’t heard of any blowing up like a bomb and with all the holes you shouldn’t build enough pressure to do so. I have lit my hand on fire when it was covered with acetone from filling the stove and I lit it with the same hand, only ended up with singed hairs. You have to play with alcohol and fire to build trust! I think you should try this more often. If it goes bad, then don’t trust yourself

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