Self Affirmation Leads to Better Hikes!


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Material possessions don’t determine the quality of your hike. It isn’t about the gear you have, the clothes you’re wearing or the type of food you’ve packed (tasty or not). Of course it’s important to be prepared for potential dangers but it goes beyond the 10 essentials and transcends to how prepared are you mentally to handle what comes your way. How confident are you in your knowledge of the trail, area, first aide, etc.? It starts and ends with your abilities to handle the outdoors challenges with a level head. Let me elaborate…

When I was a college student working 3 jobs it was tough to purchase the best hiking gear. I rented, borrowed and only bought the cheap Wal-Mart camping things I needed to have a safe hike. I wore jeans, my college tee and hat and tennis shoes on the trail. My school backpack doubled as my day hike pack. The only way I could afford to go on many hikes was through a hiking and backpacking class I enrolled in ever semester. We took the college van so I never had to pay for gas. Yet even though I had limited gear I still had a blast on every one of those hikes. They’re fond memories that I keep filed away in my head for rainy days. They’re reminders that I can get by on very little when hiking because I was taught through the classes how to survive and be safe out there. I go into every hike with knowledge, experience and confidence, which affects my attitude.

Self-affirmation is about attitude and how you perceive yourself. When you go into a hike with a positive and open attitude then it’s going to be a great hike. You’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way and the people you’re with can now have your attention. If you’re hiking alone then you can spend more time on reflection and breathing in the peaceful experience (although it’s never recommended that you hike alone but if you do leave your itinerary with someone).

Yet there was a period in my life when all of that confidence was chipped away year after year from an abusive relationship. I bounced back quickly after it was over but it took intense work on my part and help from loving friends and family. Self-affirmation quotes helped to put things into perspective and flood my thoughts with positive images of myself and abilities.

So if you’re looking for ways to make your hikes better, then this is what I’d recommend. Start with gaining knowledge about hiking by taking a class, reading articles or books, joining meet ups, get CPR certified, etc. Knowledge brings confidence, which leads to a better attitude and overall better hiking experience.

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