Gerber Gator Machete – Gear Review

If I had a choice of one piece of gear in the wilderness I believe this would be it. With a steel cutting device all of the other C’s of survival could be achieved much easier. This is a dual purpose machete and saw combo

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This is probably the most used gear I have in my pack as well. I have used it to cut firewood from large dead stumps and could fell trees pretty easily, cut cordage, dig holes, break shells, attached to a pole to cut palm leaves, break cocoa nuts and a myriad of other tasks while in the field. I even use it for rough carving and since I got it I usually don’t use my power saw. The cut isn’t very clean but being rough I feel that it provides a more organic feel to whatever it is I am making that day. The saw has stayed very sharp and I keep the blade sharp with a large sharpening stone. I have seen videos on how to use beach sand and a rock or even leaf to sharpen a machete as well, never tried it but I will do so next time out. I also will make a point to fabricate other tools out of shells to see the feasibility of me actually surviving with only a machete. I am actually getting very excited about bringing other equipment but seeing if I could possibly only use this for a weekend trip. I may be forced to use a walter filter and iodine tabs but this is a health risk in the everglades I am really not willing to risk!

Now on with the Specifications:

Materials: High Carbon Steel, Polymide Rubber Grip, nylon & aluminum riveted sheath

Length – Blade = 18″

Weight = 2 lbs 2 oz = 1 Kg

Features: Holes in handle and blade for lashing to pole, Gator Grip Shape, Dual Cut Saw on back of blade (Best Feature), PRICE

Price: $19 at Northern Tool, MSRP $23

Recomendation: I really like this piece for the price since I don’t have to worry about the salt water and abuse because for under $20 I could buy 3 or 4 and stock them for when the first is unusable. This is my most used tool and one of the cheapest, I did recieve it as a gift but would give it back just because I am so satisfied with mine.

I will in the near future be crafting my own Parang from stainless steel if I can get my hands on a piece about 2 feet long and 6 inches wide… oh I also need to fabricate a forge which I know how to do but my landlord wouldn’t probably agree with a blacksmith shop in the back yard.

Thanks For Visiting, I hope you found this useful and if you have any better machete advice please let me know!





One response to “Gerber Gator Machete – Gear Review

  1. Mine broke, so I got the parang, which was recalled. Hopefully it’s replacement will be a keeper. I do miss the sawteeth.

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