New Kicks! Can’t Wait – Keen Turia Water Shoes

So I just ordered new shoes! The Keen Turia Water Shoes for my upcoming hike across the glades. We are planning on doing about 20 miles in 2 days through all water or (my choice) would be to hike back to clubhouse beach in the wet. I will review when I get them and put some miles on them.

Keen Turia Water Shoes – My Latest Addition

I also rode a motorcycle today for the first time in a long time and it was great, I love that feeling of freedom.

Also I wanted to say Thank You for everyone who has visited and followed our blog! I also have another blog and website about my hatred for plastic and my favorite anti plastic websites. I stopped posting thinking no one was interested in my hatred for plastic but I have over 10,000 hits in the last 6 months so I guess some people are! I will reBlog some of those articles and create and anti plastic portion to this website as well.

Peace Followers – We Appreciate your Support

Mr Crab Thanks you Too! I found him in the grass on my last hike

Mr. Crab – He really wanted to fight!


3 responses to “New Kicks! Can’t Wait – Keen Turia Water Shoes

  1. So, you hate plastic. Do you update your blog from a wooden computer? The picture of a crab was cute. Did you take that with one of those new cotton cameras? Do you hate plastic? Or do you prefer items made from other materials when practical? Or do you just hate for me to have plastic?

    • Hey Greg, thanks for the response. I prefer items made of more recyclable materials. I should clarify that I especially dislike single use plastic that is not biodegradable. Yes my computer has a plastic cover, keys, wire coatings, and motherboard, the same applies to my phone. It’s unavoidable but it’s use should be more regulated in a single use sense. I do like synthetic fabrics and I am hoping more is done with bio plastics and hopefully hemp oil. Take care brother and if your ever in Miami let’s have a beer and some good debate!

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