About Minimalistic

We are based in South Florida and interested in bush craft in the Everglades and other environments. Made up of 2 friends, Ryan & Adrian, we adventure around the area in our free time. We try to use minimalistic gear and bring only what is necessary when trekking or paddling to a new spot. The biggest lesson we have learned throughout our travels and adventures is, There is no substituion for actually getting out and doing something. Watching YouTube and reading blogs is a great place to start but you will learn more by doing and remember more than you ever could on the web.

Picturesque sunset at Clubhouse Beach in Everglades National Park, a seven mile hike in from Flamingo Campground.

So plan a trip, make it an adventure and travel light. remembering always to bring the essentials. With the below five items and knowledge of your surroundings you can survive, but hopefully never have to.

1. Fire

2. Shelter

3. Water

4. Food

5. Knife


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